The Marshall Philharmonic The complete works

Various youthful works

Song on a poem by Anne McCaffrey: "Gone Away" (c. 1982)

Early Prelude for organ on "Stricken Smitten and Afflicted" (c. 1994)



Study No. 1 for piano: Romance

Prelude for piano: "Ad Modem David Diamond"

Duet for viola and piano

Quartet for two flutes oboe and clarinet

SATB chorus on a poem by Robert Herrick: "Upon Her Eyes"

Four Sketches for chamber ensemble (I referred to this for several years as a "chamber symphony." I have since reverted to the original title.)



Study No. 2 for piano: "Child’s Play"

Movement for string quartet: Grave – Allegro (I had always intended that this should be a part of a full quartet, and I later used this as the third movement of the String Quartet in E.)

Study No. 3 for piano: Rondo on "A Lullaby for Norah"

Invention No. 2 for piano in E-flat

Duet for voice and piano on Keats: "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"



Song for voice and piano on a text by Kelly Lasiter: "The Rain is Over and Gone"

Study No. 4 for piano: Fugue in G-sharp Minor

Two voice song in 16th century style: "As the Wild Deer"

Prelude for organ (I later paired this with a fugue in the same key to make the Prelude and Fugue in C.)



String Quartet in E

Study No. 5 for piano: Variations on a Theme Written in Youth

Study No. 6 for piano: Russian March

Invention No. 3 for piano in C Minor

Study No. 7 for piano: A Void



"Flights of Fancy" for digital synthesis (lost)

Invention No. 1 for piano in E Minor (I began this work in 2001, but mislaid it before I could complete it. As a result, the two subsequent inventions were both completed first.)

Symphony No. 1 in F Minor: "War" (This symphony was originally numbered 2, but when I renamed the earlier chamber symphony I renumbered "War.")

Study No. 8 for piano: Scherzo

Study No. 9 for piano: "French Moment"

Study No. 10 for piano: "Something Jazzy"

The Faerie Flute: a ballet in three tableaux

Prelude and Fugue for organ in C

Passacaglia on "Stricken Smitten and Afflicted"

Study No. 11 for piano: "Motorhythm"

Study No. 12 for piano: "Tango"

Study No. 13 for piano: "Slate Grey Skies"

Study No. 14 for piano: "Syncopated Rhythm"

Study No. 15 for piano

Fanfare for Two Trombones



Bride of the Monster: score to a radio play

Symphony No. 2 in C-sharp Minor

End of the Road: score to a radio play

Fanfare No. 1 for Two Trumpets

Alien Landscapes: Three Orchestral Fantasies

Temporarily Dead: score to a radio play

Fanfare No. 2 for Two Trumpets

Fugue in c

Study No. 16

Fanfare and Fugue for Four Trumpets (Later arranged for Brass Quintet.)

Toccata for piano

Allemande for piano

Tempo di Courante for piano



Romon's March for Brass Quintet

Fanfare and Fugue for Brass Quintet (New arrnngement of Fanfare and Fugue for Four Trumpets.)

Fanfare in C for Brass Quintet

Symphony No. 3 in D Minor: Movement I



Symphony No. 3 in D Minor: Movements II and III

Morning in the Sun for rock band



"Outfoxed" for a play by A. Adderley

"Nothing So Divine" for a play by A. Adderley



Freedom to Ride (Enlarged and arranged from a clip in End of the Road.)



Piano Concerto: Movement I



Squigpipes to the Rescue: a song for cheetor's Mushrööm Klöwd



"The Character Conundrum" for rock band

The Colors of the Rainbow for rock band