Studies and Inventions: Book I


Study No. 1: Romance

Invention No. 1 in e

Study No. 2: Child's Play

Invention No. 2 in E-flat

Study No. 3: Rondo on a Lullaby for Norah

Study No. 4: Fugue in g-sharp

Study No. 5: Variations on a Theme Written in Youth

Study No. 6: Russian March

Invention No. 3 in c

Study No. 7: A Void


Studies three and four were performed by Rachel Aubuchon for a recital in the University of Missouri at Columbia’s Whitmore Hall in April of 2004. All other pieces are computer generated.


And for your study here is a copy of the score.


Some Thoughts:

The pieces in this book serve primarily as studies of form and only secondarily as stylistic explorations. Several of the pieces in this book are quite early and differ pronouncedly from my more recent works, but are nevertheless pieces in which I hold a certain pride. I include them out of a desire for completeness and a sense of nostalgia. Studies three, four, and seven are probably the best work in this set. Four, the fugue, probably comes closest to my more recent style.