Songs from the Empty Pocket

While I lean towards the longer haired side of the musical spectrum I do sometimes write in more popular styles. To wit, here are a few of my works in other oeuvres collected together in a new album. I'm calling my studio the Empty Pocket Studios for two reasons: First, I live in a neighborhood sufficiently old that it has a bone-fide nickname in badly mangled colonial French: La Vide Poche, which means something approximating the empty pocket. (Im told this is very bad French, but Ive looked up quotes referencing the thing in French, and that does indeed appear to be the way it was said.) Second, gilders are generally in short supply locally. My studio equipment is a mostly cobbled together selection of kitchen wares, hand tools, repurposed furniture, hand me downs, dumpster rescues, phone accessories, and a laptop computer. I personally paid virtually nothing for any of it but the computer, which I bought on sale. (The piano and bass, at least, are worth a little bit, but they were variously a gift and a hand-me-down.) So my studio is very much that of someone whose pockets are pretty barren. If your imagination is full of what matter is the contents of your pockets?


Empty Pocket Blues

Freedom to Ride

Morning in the Sun

Squigpipes to the Rescue

A song for cheetor's Mushrm Klwd.

Rainbow War


All questionable perforamance decisions can be laid squarely at my feet. I've no one else to blame. Like everything else on this site at present, these are really nothing more than demos, but I hope you can enjoy them anyway.